Four Simple Words

Four Simple Words

Four Simple Words

We're heading out to the punk rock show!

...kind of. It's on Zoom. But a gig is a gig and everyone I know (ok three of us) are really excited. In my attempts to re-create the atmosphere of a Frank Turner show at home, I've had to dig deep into my memory for the kinds of beers that are served outside these four walls. There's a can of Kronenbourg 1664 at the back of my fridge, but the atmosphere I'm going for tonight is more Camden Roundhouse than Shacklewell Arms (that's not a dig at the Shack).

Punk India Pale Ale - BrewDog's flagship - felt like the right thing for tonight and at £4.50 for a 4-pack of cans I couldn't really say no. In addition to the fact that it says "PUNK" on the label, it's a beer I can drink straight from the can without worrying about getting yeast in my teeth. BrewDog can be quite polarising - at times I really like what they're up to. Other times, not so much. Love 'em or hate them, they've done a lot of good for the industry, and they produce pretty drinkable stuff. And I really like their wings.

BrewDog Punk IPA

Alc 5.4% | Expiry 17.12.2021


Pale Amber.


Passion fruit, almost.


Big hops at the beginning and end with a middle break for a bit of toffee malt. Grapefruit bitters that you'd find at a fancy cocktail bar, some spice and a dry, lingering finish.


This was a solid choice for tonight. It reads like a textbook BJCP American IPA but its not going to win any awards ( has hasn't it?). It's fun, it's approachable and it's something you can come back to quite easily. I struggled getting the aromas to really shine through on this one, but earlier tonight I singed my nose hairs trying to cook a toad-in-the-hole so maybe I've just lost my sense of smell.